One of the things I love most in photography, is the fact that it enables me to meet amazing people from all over the world! Here is a lovely couple Rachel & Donny from Wisconsin, came in Europe in a Romantic tour ! We should all take example from them, leave little munchkins at home and enjoy time with your soulmate.
This time I give a word to my client Rachel 🙂 her letter litteraly melt my heart ❤️
It all started with Taylor Swift’s ​Begin Again m​ usic video. Taylor was filmed strolling through the cobblestone streets of Paris, twirling in sunset lighting, and sipping espresso at a café. This is a dream most girls would love to experience and I brought it up a few times to my husband.
We planned a spring break trip to Europe and decided to spend two days in Paris. On Valentine’s Day, my husband, Donnie, surprised me with a photo shoot in Paris, to the theme of Taylor Swift’s music video. When it came to finding a photographer to capture the two of us Donnie took to Facebook.
Donnie appreciates photography and art, as he works for a publishing company and he looks a particular style when choosing a photographer. He found Kateryna’s page and fell in love with the way she told a story through documentary photography. She uses natural lighting, charming spaces, and truly captures the people she is photographing in an authentic, yet spontaneous way.
We met with Kateryna right at sunrise at Champ De Mars overlooking the Eiffel Tower. She gave us a hug and told us to just go for a walk! She showed us the city, while taking pictures. Paris holds a certain charm, but Kateryna captured the romance and the truest essence of us. She walked us through several of Taylor Swift’s filming locations and made it her own. She captured honesty, love, and our raw personality and used lighting that complimented the natural beauty of the city. But most importantly Kateryna connected with us in a natural and candid way! Together, we walked the Parisian streets, the Seine River, and Bir-Hakeim all the while talking and learning about each other.That day she made me feel like old time friends, and gave us the engagement pictures we never had done.
After our session, our pictures came back so quickly and we were able to experience the moments all over again! Kateryna made it a fairy tale experience with her being so genuine and sweet. She can speak several languages and made you feel comfortable to make the moment feel as natural as possible, and not posed. Next time we adventure to Europe, I can guarantee we will meet up with her again whether it is for pictures or coffee at a cafe. Now every time we look at the pictures from that morning in Paris it brings us back to a place of happiness and everlasting memories and we could not have done it without Kateryn.


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